5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Can Help Enhance Content Marketing

Posted by Deepshikha Dhankhar on Dec 8, 2018 12:31:23 PM

According to a Salesforce study, 57 percent of marketers had already implemented some form of AI, by the end of 2017. While the robots aren’t so sophisticated yet to write your content, you can literally get some help in some other aspects of their intelligence. But before that, consider this - how many tasks your marketing team, more specifically, your content marketing team needs to accomplish on a daily basis? From planning the blog posts, using the right keywords, personalising content, reviewing analytics for all those posts to devising content strategies; it can be a lot!

Let’s consider another scenario - as a content marketer, you only have to focus on your strategies and enhancing the business rather than sitting and creating stuff from scratch! Quite dreamy, right? Except that there’s nothing artificial about it, artificial intelligence is making this happen faster than you can imagine.

If you have embraced AI, you are already ahead of the curve

There is something similar to ‘fear of missing out’ called ‘fear of falling behind’ and so many marketers around the world are facing it on an everyday basis. And why not, there are such speedy updates in the marketing world happening so frequently that it can be hard to catch your breath, let alone catch that update of the week.

But recent studies have shown that only about 18% of the companies have properly figured out how to use AI to scale their business operations. That might give you a feeling that you have the first mover advantage here, doesn’t it? Although, you’ll have a tough competition with these companies who have already implemented AI in their day-to-day activities, you are still not too far behind the curve.

How content marketers can get started with AI

Why should you even bother with AI in the first place? The simple reason is - you want to focus more on executing those strategies rather than creating content, along with other manual tasks that are a part of that journey. For marketers, the daily tasks are what take up the most part of their day, such as setting personalised emails, creating personalised content, and creating different type of content depending upon the buyer personas, and AI can be used to enhance those efforts and drive efficiency.

How does it do that?

As a content marketer, you are probably aware of the whole process of engaging a user through nurturing campaigns after they show interest in your content, such as downloading a white paper. But what if, there are 500 users downloading 500 white-papers through different channels and you are to send across 500 personalised emails as a part of the 3-step nurturing campaign? Where today’s marketing automation platforms do offer respite from these manual tasks to a great extent in terms of saving time, increasing efficiency and driving performance, what they do not offer is deep insights, recommend next steps, predict possible outcomes or even create content.

Once you incorporate AI, the game changes

Content marketing is hugely run by humans with a little help from automation platforms, simple because humans have the finite power to create. Whereas, once you get the AI thrown in, which has the infinite power to process, predict, and recommend the content, the game changes completely. So, how can AI really help today’s content marketers?

AI can help engage users deeply

It is probably the number one priority for you that a user who is already on your website, is presented with a fresh piece of relevant content every time they try to leave and keep them engaged for a little more time. But how often does that happen? There are a few AI tools such as Uberflip, which help you catalog the content you have already published and recommend the user with relevant content while they are on your site. Studies show that 75% of what people watch on Netflix has been the work of AI which keeps throwing recommended content to users when they are active. Pretty cool, right?

AI can help determine user preferences

How do you know for sure what type of content the visitor is coming to your website for? You might have a brilliant team writing superb content and publishing the best of insights, ebooks or white-papers but all of that would go in vain if that’s not what the users want. This is where AI comes in. Tools like Crayon can help you analyse different types of data from about 7 million online sources and give you insights on what your competitors are publishing, what changes are they making to their existing content or website and many more things.

AI can help your content be more readable

Where tools like Grammarly already exist to sort of replace the human editor (although not completely) and give you the basic correct piece of content in English, there are tools that can do much more than simply correcting your sentence structure and grammar. One such tool is BrightEdge that can automate tasks like adding header tags, optimise the content, cross-linking, and even forecasting business impact. It also alerts you on which content is doing well and which isn’t and how you can optimise that.

AI can automate communication tasks and nurture leads

Tools like Drift can help your sales team gather necessary information about the prospects you are targeting and on leads that are ready to make a purchase. And when you have already attracted those leads to your blogs, Chatbots can recommend new products and services while they are at it. For example, with HubSpot, you can easily create and automate chatbots according to your business needs. Not only that, the chatbot builder is integrated with CRM, which means the chatbots can deliver more personalised messages based on the information they have about a contact.

AI is rapidly changing the face of content marketing

Content marketing is changing fast and the only way to catch up will be by thoroughly understanding the possibilities of incorporating AI into your content marketing activities. It certainly won’t hurt to take robotic help in your content marketing activities. If nothing else, it can at least free you up from doing some manual tasks and help you focus on other important things and in being more creative.

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