5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Can Help Enhance Content Marketing

According to a Salesforce study, 57 percent of marketers had already implemented some form of AI, by the end of 2017. While the robots aren’t so sophisticated yet to write your con...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

How to Increase Your Growth With Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Let’s delve into ‘Account-Based Marketing’ (Oops! can already hear you groan). But seriously, it’s going to 2019 soon and the continued success of your ABM strategy will highly dep...

Posted by Gautham

How to Make Storytelling Your Best Content Strategy

Telling stories has been the fundamental human activity even when we talk to ourselves! Clearly,  it’s so much more than marketing and communications for businesses.

Top Content Marketing Tips to make You a better Marketer in 2019

People today, are exposed to content in quantities more than what they can possibly process. When fresh thinkers put a new spin on old tactics, they raise the bar of quality. Gone ...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

Things that Your Boss expects You to know about Lead Nurturing

The only way to expand your sales funnel - Nurturing Leads! Your consumer needs a little extra assurance before they part with their cash. So, how does lead nurturing look like in ...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

5 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference with Conversion Optimization

 "The ideal scenario" - to get the highest possible conversion with the smallest possible investment in optimization. This is indeed the dream of many online businesses!

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

Be Genuine with Sales, while not bothering your Prospect

Have you done your research on a prospect and learned that you could really help their company? Now the next step is to get them on the phone.

Posted by Rajesh Varun

Rule Marketing like Genghis Khan With Inbound: Marketing 2020

 The moment we talk on the lines of “Ruling the World”, you begin to have almost everyone’s attention there for a second. I mean, who wouldn’t be interested in ruling the world, ri...

The Art of Content Marketing - What we learnt from 2018

Over the last six months, Transfunnel launched more diversified content marketing campaigns than ever before. And each one of those had a considerate impact on different clients in...

TransFunnel Grows Retainers by 50% with HubSpot

TransFunnel Consulting was founded by Kapil Arora in 2016 and offers end-to-end marketing automation consulting services delivered by a team of inbound marketing and mobile experts...

Posted by Gautham

Common Mistakes We Find While Doing Website Audits

If companies do not pay attention to digital marketing, it becomes harder for them to be noticed, especially because many others are taking to the internet. That itself is a diffic...

Posted by Canne Subhadra

Embracing Technology: Marketing Automation

There was a time when marketing automation was considered to be a trend. That isn't the case anymore. In 2018, marketing automation has found itself to be an established business p...