Rule Marketing like Genghis Khan With Inbound: Marketing 2020

Posted by Rajesh Varun on Oct 23, 2018 2:31:01 PM
Rajesh Varun

 The moment we talk on the lines of “Ruling the World”, you begin to have almost everyone’s attention there for a second. I mean, who wouldn’t be interested in ruling the world, right?

Here, I found a topic that you would relate to the most (as told by most of the Inbound experts around the world), but I would end up with nothing if the delivery of my content after I gain your attention, is off track.

So, here’s a story for you. Ever heard of Genghis Khan? One of the world’s greatest ruler from Mongolia ruled the greatest land mass on earth from the period of 1176-1227. He wasn’t special, wasn’t born with superhero skills (just like our team) but his conquests began with the most basic and fundamental element - uniting the fronts, and that helped him rule the world. Who would have thought about that?

Just like who would have thought about outbound marketing slowly dying one day and inbound marketing rising like a phoenix, just not from the ashes.

Even though people still use outbound marketing and some even experience success with it, Inbound marketing is slowly becoming the holy grail of almost every business.


Inbound Marketing Attracts

How did you get attracted to this blog post? Sure, it wasn’t the Mongols! You were probably looking for information on Inbound marketing, lead generation, content marketing and the like. And so, you must have searched on google by typing a keyword or browsed social media. Wait till I tell you that these are all actually inbound marketing tactics. It attracts you. It attracts consumers. It attracts everyone when they do a relevant search.

Changing Buyer’s Journey

The internet has changed all of this. The marketing capabilities have expanded and it is because of the digital space that consumers can look for information wherever they like. They have full control over how they choose to communicate with the brands and they like to keep it that way. They are simply more informed than they ever were and they feel more empowered.

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Beyond finding customers and them being found

Any business’s goal starts with this and every customer’s goal ends with this. But seriously, what is anyone trying to accomplish here? The right content and social media marketing are helping you connect with the customers and your ‘human’ approach is making them stay with your brand. By generating quality content and using social media tactics, you are helping them find the information they are looking for and thereby, making them leads and eventually converting them. When your marketing efforts become customer-centric and data-driven and you start converting with relevant content, that’s when you have won the war (C’mon, not the Mongolian one!).


No heads rolling the battle but you’d be surprised by how Genghis Khan’s strategies could actually be pretty useful in conquering the online marketing activities. How? You ask! Keep reading on…

Coordinated Attacks

His army had a pretty good command structure, which when it came to it, was also quite dynamic and flexible with a good sense of instinct. They were delegated streamlined responsibilities and the soldiers were trained to look after their weapons, horses and other useful equipment on their own.

How is it related?

Your marketing activities will only bear fruits if run by a cohesive team, meaning the ones who are willing to take responsibility for their actions, work, schedule and can own the projects end-to-end. Just like the soldiers were aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths, your team members need to acquire the same sort of understanding if they want to help each other and fill in the gaps. Since Inbound has a lot to do with content, social media, SEO, email campaigns, etc; it would make sense to start forming a coordinated unit of soldiers who would take on the tasks head-on (without surrendering the heads though); and display consistent and focus attacks with the right content.

A Great Communication System

Horses and speed somehow just go together, don’t they? The Mongols had got it right and they trained their soldiers to be swift riders who would deliver across the chain of relay systems before their king missed out on anything important that might harm his empire. Can you imagine an empire-wide communication system? Not wanting to make you feel bad about it but if you look at it, he dealt with probably one of the biggest empires in the history and here, we struggle to manage a small team of few members.

What can you do?

It goes without saying that communication is one of the most important aspects of any marketing activity - inbound or outbound. Since the complexity of everything online is only getting stronger each day, it would be pretty easy to be swallowed by the great web. But not if you can stop it! Customers who are loyal to you, or are new or upcoming, need just one thing, apart from great products - great services. They need personal attention to their queries and a swift resolution. Sure, you cannot really gallop but you can give them timely information if you want to keep them for good. This is where inbound marketing plays a great part. You don’t need to go after them like it happens with outbound marketing, you can simply stay put, have your strategies in place and wait for them to find you. And once they do, go ahead with your planned and focused attacks. The key is to keep them informed and engaged.

The Great Walls (not of China)

The Mongol army had to break down the walls of cities and at a lot of times, quite unexpectedly. In fact, many times their traditional and usual tactics didn’t work and they had to devise new methods to win the battle. They used large siege weapons, which proved to be so effective that even the highly protective cities were in pebbles soon enough.


Should you break some walls then?

It might seem like fun but not exactly! When it comes to inbound marketing, where you have fairly planned and laid out activities, something unexpected might come up and you might need to change the course of your actions. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Chinese inspired siege weapons, but the art of adapting to changing situations would just do the work. If the Mongols couldn’t adapt, they would have died. You can take clues from here. Either adapt to the changing circumstances or you’d vanish. In such a situation, apply the mantra - Peace, detachment and acceptance <Link> Kapil’s blog Peace, detachment and acceptance. Don’t break the walls if something doesn’t go as planned, make peace with success or failure without getting personal with a campaign. Accept the outcome, detach yourself from it and move forward.


Can you rule in 2020?

The idea of effective inbound marketing is pretty simple - good content brings traction and a part of that surely converts into leads. At the core of inbound marketing, there is content marketing and it’s only a matter of time that all walls of outbound marketing turn into pebbles. From becoming a way to translate your products, content has become the most important part of a business today. It has become more user-friendly and customer-centric. And just like content marketing, social media marketing is just another flap in the umbrella of inbound marketing - a combination of which could be used effectively to device some great inbound strategies.

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It’s been some time since organisations have started accepting the idea of inbound marketing resolving their biggest lead generation problem and it is safe to say that this is here to stay! Be it today or 2020, the battle has already begun and we are all perpetual participants. The question is, would we be wise to truly adopt the scope of inbound marketing in our business or be wary to watch from a distance? Either way, what’s most important to learn is that these are our best weapons of today to conquer the war of attracting the right customers to our businesses.

The good news is, you don’t need to be violent and bloodthirsty at all to learn from the Mongols. All you need to do is show dedication to your vision, even if it keeps changing from time to time, have well-coordinated soldiers, well-connected units and the right weapons.


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