Posted by Rajesh Varun

Not All Marketing Campaigns Are Successful. 5 Things To Do When Your Plans Fail.

Yes, you read that right! Not all marketing strategies and campaigns work every time. Why? It is because over the course of time and through our deep thinking and strategy, we tend...

Posted by Swara Vyas

B2B Lead Nurturing with Pardot & Quick Steps on How to Set Up Your Pardot Integration

Do you feel like you are dropping the ball on leads? Unsure when to reach out to a prospect that is not ready to buy immediately? 

Top 6 Books on Content Marketing you Shouldn't Wait to Read

Whether you are looking to increase newsletter subscriptions, organic traffic or your email list; content is the heart of all marketing activities. And so, it is imperative to unde...

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Show the Value of Marketing in 2019 and Up Your Game. Here’s How!

“There are far better things ahead than any we have done in the past” as once said by a great man. Learning from our past mistakes is what makes us better. As we enter into the new...

6 Reasons Why Your Website Is Your Digital Marketing Window

Developing a website may sometimes be a long or a long-pending task because you want to make sure it reflects exactly what your brand values are. But why is it important to build o...

Lead Nurturing drives B2B Lead Generation: Here are 7 Key Components of How To

Marketers strive the most for designing a campaign that  leads to recurring revenue. The main hassle is having ample amount of good quality content that is relatable by the custome...


“Unsubscribing” Can Kill Your Brand : Get an Email-Preference Center Today

There is a very thin line between email marketing and spamming. As a marketer, it is critical for you to understand what happens when you click the “send” button for your next outb...

Posted by Sakshi Bansal

Creating Forms in HubSpot ? Here's How You Do It Right

HubSpot allows you to easily create forms and add to your pages (Hubspot pages or external site pages).

Posted by Gautham

How to Make Storytelling Your Best Content Strategy

Telling stories has been the fundamental human activity even when we talk to ourselves! Clearly,  it’s so much more than marketing and communications for businesses.

Top Content Marketing Tips to make You a better Marketer in 2019

People today, are exposed to content in quantities more than what they can possibly process. When fresh thinkers put a new spin on old tactics, they raise the bar of quality. Gone ...

The Art of Content Marketing - What we learnt from 2018

Over the last six months, Transfunnel launched more diversified content marketing campaigns than ever before. And each one of those had a considerate impact on different clients in...

Top 4 Differences between B2B & B2C PR

You might have watched PR people and lobbyists on televisions, and marvelled at the glamorous lifestyles they lead and the superb interactions they have at every touch-point. Howev...