Posted by Anushikha Dhankhar

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing Automation and How It Can Help in 10X Growth

As the ever-changing demands of the customers rose, so did the need for a tool or software that could help marketers work in that direction, take up all their manual load, and let ...

Posted by Swara Vyas

Nail Account-based Marketing With Marketo. Here's How.

Sales have always been a numbers game - more prospects equals more chances of sealing the deal. But with the sales cycle getting longer and with an increasing number of decision-ma...

Lead Nurturing drives B2B Lead Generation: Here are 7 Key Components of How To

Marketers strive the most for designing a campaign that  leads to recurring revenue. The main hassle is having ample amount of good quality content that is relatable by the custome...


Life of Online Sales Lead is Short: This is How Lead Scoring can help

Sales and Marketing are the most vital departments for your business to grow, thrive, and create a brand in the market. While C-suit is the face of the company for shareholders and...

Posted by Sakshi Bansal

Creating Forms in HubSpot ? Here's How You Do It Right

HubSpot allows you to easily create forms and add to your pages (Hubspot pages or external site pages).

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

6 Simple yet Common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

SEO has been around for more than a decade and is crucial to increase your website's traffic, conversion rates and  ROI. SEO techniques are changing at a fast pace.  In 2018 there ...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

How to Increase Your Growth With Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Let’s delve into ‘Account-Based Marketing’ (Oops! can already hear you groan). But seriously, it’s going to 2019 soon and the continued success of your ABM strategy will highly dep...

Posted by Gautham

How to Make Storytelling Your Best Content Strategy

Telling stories has been the fundamental human activity even when we talk to ourselves! Clearly,  it’s so much more than marketing and communications for businesses.