Posted by Anushikha Dhankhar

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing Automation and How It Can Help in 10X Growth

As the ever-changing demands of the customers rose, so did the need for a tool or software that could help marketers work in that direction, take up all their manual load, and let ...

Marketo Webhooks - Use Cases and Steps to Create Your First Webhook

Marketo, a leader in multi-channel marketing hubs, offers solutions for all the marketing requirements - right from lead management, email marketing, and consumer marketing to cust...

Posted by Swara Vyas

Nail Account-based Marketing With Marketo. Here's How.

Sales have always been a numbers game - more prospects equals more chances of sealing the deal. But with the sales cycle getting longer and with an increasing number of decision-ma...

Posted by Swara Vyas

B2B Lead Nurturing with Pardot & Quick Steps on How to Set Up Your Pardot Integration

Do you feel like you are dropping the ball on leads? Unsure when to reach out to a prospect that is not ready to buy immediately? 

Posted by Gaurav Vaishnav

Pardot Forms: Everything You Wanted to Know

A form is a source of collecting information from anonymous visitors on your website or landing pages and helps you turn them into known prospects. And Pardot forms help with just ...

Posted by Sakshi Bansal

Creating Forms in HubSpot ? Here's How You Do It Right

HubSpot allows you to easily create forms and add to your pages (Hubspot pages or external site pages).


Marketing Automation is the new Marketing: What does the future hold?

Do any of the below terms sound familiar to you? “Lead qualification, Lead funnel, marketing qualified leads, lead assignment rules, auto trigger emails, sales alert, campaign mana...

Hyper-personalise Your Content With Artificial Intelligence in 5 Ways

How many tasks your marketing team, more specifically, your content marketing team needs to accomplish on a daily basis? From planning the blog posts, using the right keywords, per...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

5 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference with Conversion Optimization

 "The ideal scenario" - to get the highest possible conversion with the smallest possible investment in optimization. This is indeed the dream of many online businesses!

TransFunnel Grows Retainers by 50% with HubSpot

TransFunnel Consulting was founded by Kapil Arora in 2016 and offers end-to-end marketing automation consulting services delivered by a team of inbound marketing and mobile experts...

Posted by Canne Subhadra

Embracing Technology: Marketing Automation

There was a time when marketing automation was considered to be a trend. That isn't the case anymore. In 2018, marketing automation has found itself to be an established business p...