Lead Nurturing drives B2B Lead Generation: Here are 7 Key Components of How To

Marketers strive the most for designing a campaign that  leads to recurring revenue. The main hassle is having ample amount of good quality content that is relatable by the custome...


Life of Online Sales Lead is Short: This is How Lead Scoring can help

Sales and Marketing are the most vital departments for your business to grow, thrive, and create a brand in the market. While C-suit is the face of the company for shareholders and...


“Unsubscribing” Can Kill Your Brand : Get an Email-Preference Center Today

There is a very thin line between email marketing and spamming. As a marketer, it is critical for you to understand what happens when you click the “send” button for your next outb...

Posted by Amrutha Viswanath

Things that Your Boss expects You to know about Lead Nurturing

The only way to expand your sales funnel - Nurturing Leads! Your consumer needs a little extra assurance before they part with their cash. So, how does lead nurturing look like in ...

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Be Genuine with Sales, while not bothering your Prospect

Have you done your research on a prospect and learned that you could really help their company? Now the next step is to get them on the phone.


5 Keys to Sales Process Optimisation Through Marketing Automation

The world is moving faster than ever, and with the advent of new technologies, it’s only going to get faster each day. Top companies are achieving sales optimization through automa...

11 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation became much more accessible to businesses as compared with four or five years ago. Large and small sized businesses can handle and track their marketing effort...